Mount Kisco adolescent psychiatrist

Mount Kisco Adolescent Psychiatrist

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Mental health counseling for adolescents in Mount Kisco

Growing up can be challenging for anyone, but for kids going through some serious life events, personal feelings, and other confusing things in their life, the entire ordeal can be quite taxing. It’s important that teens are healthy physically and mentally, as well as emotionally and spiritually, for their present health as well as their wellbeing as adults. If your child is going through some issues, our Mount Kisco adolescent psychiatrist Joel Wolfson MD can give you the guidance you’re looking for.

Joel Wolfson MD has been serving the psychiatric needs of Westchester NY families for decades. Dr. Wolfson cares for adult patients as well as children and adolescents, and makes sure that his caring and empathy shine through his medical advice and assessment of those he treats. With two offices in the area and hours six days a week, Dr. Wolfson does what he can to provide for the needs of various individuals going through different personal issues, mental health concerns, and much more. Our Mount Kisco adolescent psychiatrist can meet with your child one-on-one to get to the root of what is affecting them and how best to go about addressing their issues as well as your concerns as a parent. Dr. Wolfson’s evaluation process involves careful assessment of developmental and biological determinants of psychiatric and psychological symptoms as well as the family system, which then leads to the development of a treatment plan, that may also be done in collaboration with parents and the child’s school if needed. Dr. Wolfson aims to integrate different treatment modalities including individual and family therapy, and is careful when it comes to psychopharmacological intervention.

If you are looking into mental health counseling for adolescents and believe that your child can benefit from this sort of treatment, then call us here at the offices of Joel Wolfson MD to begin treating your child today.

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