Psychotherapist in Mount Kisco

Psychotherapist in Mount Kisco

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Dr. Joel Wolfson is a leading psychotherapist in Mount Kisco. He is a board certified psychiatrist, and also has additional board certification in psychiatry for children and adolescents. He is a very caring doctor who treats patients using both psychotherapy and psychopharmacology and treats a wide range of psychological and psychiatric conditions in adults, children, and adolescents. If you or a member of your family has been suffering with psychological or emotional issues, Dr. Wolfson is the person to see. His services cover a wide variety of psychological issues such as Asperger’s Spectrum Disorder in children and adolescents, adult depression, anxiety, or bipolar, and ADHD in young adults. He also offers family and marital therapy.

A psychotherapist is a professional who uses talk therapy to help individuals overcome or cope with psychological issues or emotional difficulties. The psychotherapist in Mount Kisco helps his patients eliminate or control troubling symptoms so they can function better and heal. There are many methods that can be used by a psychotherapist and some types work better with certain problems. These therapy sessions may also be used in combination with medication and other forms of therapy, such as creative arts therapy and play therapy.

The evaluation process used by this top psychotherapist in Mount Kisco involves careful and critical assessment of developmental and biological determinants of psychiatric and psychological symptoms as well as the family system. The evaluation then leads to formulation of a treatment plan in collaboration with the family as well as the school when appropriate. Dr. Wolfson’s approach is eclectic and pragmatic, integrating different treatment modalities including individual and family therapy, and careful psycho-pharmacalogical intervention. These varying modalities may include cognitive behavioral therapy which helps people recognize and change harmful behavior patterns, interpersonal therapy which is a short term process that helps patients understand troublesome interpersonal issues, psychodynamic therapy to improve self-awareness and change old patterns, and supportive therapy that guides patients to develop their own resources. To find out more about your personal issues, give Dr. Wolfson a call today.

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