Westchester Depression Counselor

Westchester Depression Counselor

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The challenges of life leave everyone feeling depressed now and again. This is not unusual. But what about when coping with depression has become an ongoing and even daily event? Our Westchester depression counselor is here to offer the expert guidance and treatment to help you so that depression does not overwhelm you and make it difficult or even impossible for you to live without the weight of it keeping you down.

Clinical depression can vary in degree, sometimes being troublesome and other times feeling debilitating. Our Westchester depression counselor wants you to know that despite what some people may say, there is no shame that should be attached to it. Sometimes, friends or family members who are well meaning will tell you to just get over it or to do some activity that will “cheer you up.” When your depression meets the standard of a sadness that persists over time, and does not subside, what you need is to work with Dr. Wolfson. The effects that depression can bring are not the same in every person, as it can be a very individual thing, but if you’re experiencing disruption of sleep, you find it hard to interact with your co-workers, you cannot enjoy relaxation and leisure time, or you have lost interest in eating, these are definite signs and should motivate you to see our Westchester depression counselor. And if you notice symptoms such as fatigue, unexplained mood changes, social withdrawal, or suicidal thoughts, it is vital to seek assistance right away. What type of treatment is relevant? Dr. Wolfson may recommends cognitive training, education, and support; or possibly medication. For some patients, a combination of both will be most effective. Involving the patient and also the patient’s family can also be a wise strategy.

Don’t hesitate to call our office and schedule an appointment. You don’t have to deal with depression on your own.

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